Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Schellnhuber: "Rising Seas Could Affect 1.4 Billion People by 2060"

Schellnhuber: "Were not talking about a million people seeking refuge from Syria. We talk about hundreds of millions of people who will have to be displaced on this planet.  How will we do it? [ . . . . ] Planet Passport for Climate Refugees? Global Green Card? [ . . . .] Think about what will happen with two meter sea level rise. These [island] nations will be gone. They will be homeless actually. [ . . . ] Now, there are two ways. You could say 'Top down, you will just relocate those people. Give them money to move to California or Switzerland.' That will not happen. [ . . .] Or [ . . .] empower these people. Give them the freedom of mobility. [ . . . .] Why not [create] a climate passport [or Nansen Passport 'to enter at least about 50 countries']? [ . . .] Give them to all those people who can not live anymore in their original [places] which gives them access to all the countries who destroyed their home like the United States. [ . . .] I'm serious about it."  I recently saw Ai Weiwei's Human Flow (trailer below), and recalled words of Walt Whitman watching sad faces of slaves auctioned in New Orleans in 1848, "That could be me."

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