Thursday, April 13, 2017

Hawk on Wire Published by Fomite Press in Vermont

My new book is available at Fomite Press (preferred) or

Climate change science and prophecy explored in poetry are themes in my new book. Many thanks for cover art from English artist Guy Denning.  I appreciate endorsements from John Shoptaw, John Keeble, Daniela GioseffiAnne ElveySimmons B. Buntin
Gail EntrekinMichael Spring, Thomas Rain CroweTeresa Mei Chuc, Senior Research Scientist at IPAC Caltech Yun Wang, Prartho SerenoEric Magrane, and Daniel Hudon

Thanks to ASLE and The Oregonian for promoting the book. 

Thanks to New York University and City College of San Diego for notices they will be using my book in their Nature Writing classes. 

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