Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Dollies and Hen Steelhead

                                         Bobber in the sweet spot (click to enlarge photos).
                                         Fish on!
                                         Fish in and released.
                                                    A keeper hen steelhead.

Yesterday, I had more private fishing access, this time from a coastal waitress.  I caught 8 Dolly Varden trout from 14 to 22 inches, and one hen steelhead without seeing other anglers.  I saw a big eagle.  The eagle and an old snag reminded me of fishing two years ago with 70-plus-year-old Mike, a retired Portand, Oregon-area football coach.  "I left a big steelhead in that old snag upriver," he bragged.

"Do you mean the one with the eagle's nest?" I joked.  Mike had the expression of a man whose foot just discovered a nail through his new Simms Waders. Then he almost cracked a smile.  Then he did crack a smile. 

This reminds me of the story I heard from a local kid on another river about why people in his town had fuzzy wooly hair.  He said long ago people in the area used sheep stomach condoms.  I researched and saw, yes, early condoms were made from sheep intestines and stomachs.  I guess the kid put two and two together.  Score one for riverside creativity. 

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