Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego, Masters of Advanced Studies in Climate Science and Policy (MAS CSP) Early Consideration Deadline is January 8, 2019

Corey J. Gabriel, Ph.D., J.D., the Program's Executive Director, wrote "Basically, we are training students to have a strong grounding in both policy and climate science to then go into local, state and national climate policy (and energy, environment al etc.) positions and actually understand all of the important things happening, both on the science side and the politics/policy side.  This is challenging to do, the topic is large and complex.  That means that we really need exceptionally strong students, with both quantitative backgrounds and some experience in policy or the corporate world, who can then take the job of, for example, implementing a climate action plan, but do so knowing how to interpret the science of sea level rise uncertainty and also be able to understand why getting more electric cars on the road is so important and what the best policy to do that may be.  To transform society, we need professionals who can understand the whole problem and then identify the best solutions."

"The key component of this degree is the Capstone project (mini thesis).  Examples of Capstones within the last year include a new county by county climate change scenario dependent west nile virus vulnerability map for the California Department of Health and creating and implementing a new Climate Change Studies Minor at UCSD."

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