Saturday, July 28, 2018

Fast-wind Fires in N. California and Greece Strain Planning and Resources

"Massive California fire jumps over river and roars into city of 95,000 people" (94,127 views since yesterday)

"The deadly fire in the city of Redding, three hours north of San Francisco and near the Oregon border, was only around 5% contained having grown overnight by 35% to 127 square miles."

"Greek firefighters join public outcry at ‘woeful’ response to lethal wildfires"

"Warning system down: California’s deadliest fires" (audio I posted March 10, 2018 about unsuccessful rescue attempts in "Whac-A-Mole" fire conditions as people are trapped in a swimming pool and on roads). "Last October, more than 170 wildfires ripped across Northern California. It was the deadliest fire incident in the state's history [and cost 44 lives]." (Click LISTEN button under title.)

Click Cameron Beccario's animation "earth:: a global map of wind, weather, and ocean conditions" with "updates every 3 hours with weather data taken from the National Centers for Environmental Prediction's Global Forecast System [ . . . ] The system uses supercomputers to create models of the weather from various measurements, like temperature, soil moisture, wind, ocean currents and precipitation." Use your cursor to move Earth across, up, or down.

Rachel Morison, Marvin G Perez, and Nicholas Larkin wrote at Bloomberg on July 25, "A heatwave across swathes of North America, Europe and Asia, coupled with a worsening drought in some areas, is causing spikes in the prices of anything from wheat to electricity. Cotton plants are stunted in parched Texas fields, French rivers are too warm to effectively cool nuclear reactors and the Russian wheat crop is faltering. [par break] The scorching heat is extracting a heavy human cost – contributing to floods in Japan and Laos and wildfires near Athens. Relief from soaring temperatures, which topped 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit) in the Arctic Circle,  may not arrive for at least two weeks."

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