Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Before the Flood, DiCaprio's Climate Change Documentary, Will Be Free for a Week Starting Oct. 30

DiCaprio used Bosch's The Garden of Earthly Delights as a metaphor for human-caused climate change.
National Geographic Channel reported "Watch Leonardo DiCaprio’s three-year journey exploring the subject of climate change, Before the Flood, free on all platforms the same day it premieres on the National Geographic Channel [Sunday, Oct. 30]." Huffington Post noted it will be free "for a week following its release." Huffington Post added "He travels to some of the regions where climate change has hit hardest: Greenland’s melting ice, the rising seas consuming Kiribati and the world’s dying coral reefs."  Oct. 28 Update -- I watched the film tonight at UCSD's Price Center Theater, and after, the 130 people there gave it a thunderous applause.  DiCaprio did a great job of showing a global perspective as well as current and projected costs of inaction regarding cutting carbon. After the film, Dr. Ralph Keeling from Scripps emphasized the warming ocean is a result of too much carbon, and suggested a carbon tax to help transition to solar and other renewables. Asked if anything was missing from the film, Masada Disenhouse, Co-founder of San Diego 350, said she would have liked to have seen fossil fuel divestment and the children's climate movement. It was noted one of the easiest ways to fight catastrophic climate change is to shift to a mostly plant-based diet, something I did 26 years ago. 

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