Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Desert Time Machine

I found desert creeks with healthy redsides.  I had to drive forever but didn't see another angler. It is possible to go back hundreds or thousands of years to pristine waters if you're serious about it -- dirt roads, unmarked side roads, some wrong turns.  Regarding going back in time, the Ghost of Galileo visited me yesterday:

Ghost of Galileo Speaks of Climate Change

“I knew the truth
but had more faith
in the power of reason
than was warranted”

“so when Cesare Cremonini
looked through my scope
and pretended not to see
Jupiter’s moons

“I learned about the clash
between reality
and ideology, later
recanted, saved my life,

“before the Roman Inquisition.
The problem now is,
not counting animals and plants,
the lives of 7 billion.

(and a few days before, an unghosted owl):

Great Horned Owl

I tried to have a conversation
with her about climate change

and she listened politely
then flew away

making me think
I should have listened more,

and watched, spoke less.
All around us, salmon,

cedar, Douglas fir,
mountain glaciers are speaking.

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