Thursday, January 7, 2016

Steelblue Hens

Here are two steelblue hens I caught this morning fresh from the salt.  Mike Carey at Northwest Fishing Reports recently published my "Dictionary of Pacific Northwest Fishing."   My previous article was "Pay Attention to Details." At the end of February, my next one will be about my infamous "Fish Car."

I caught these hens on old school egg clusters.  I will probably write an article on "Fishing Old School" as a tribute to old timers I knew and know.


  1. Great catch! What would be the best dish to cook for that?

    Something about Fishing in Hawaii

    1. Thanks, Jeff. I bake them at 400 or can them for salads, rice, or pasta. These fish are so good, you almost can't go wrong unless you overcook and dry them out.