Sunday, January 17, 2016

Fishing With Henry Hughes

I recently enjoyed fishing with the strong writer and angler Henry Hughes, author of forthcoming Bunch of Animals and angling memoir Back Seat with Fish.  A winner of the Oregon Book Award for Men Holding Eggs, Hughes wrote a post on fishing books at 3 Good Books that led me to read John Engels' excellent fishing poetry book Big Water.  Hughes and I caught steelhead, and had interesting conversation.  Scott:  "This clay bank is eroding like in Sometimes a Great Notion but you are a certified diver so you should be okay."  Henry: "I don't think that would help."  Inside I laughed so hard I almost fell in the water.  In another scene, on a more serious note, I pointed out dangerous logs in tidewater that can roll and trap a man like when Hank tried to save Joe Ben. 

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