Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Woola Woola Scores Again

An October rainbow road means good luck fishin', and it was.
The missing piece of my boot appears in the next photo.
Silvers left in the river eventually turn to colors of leaves.
I keep trying to get to the Portland, Oregon, Airport, but the fish say no.  The rivers on the way are too tempting, even if I smell like bait on the plane.

Man, I sure do like those "Slow Release Scent Leads" by Woolawoola-hummahumma-ki Tackle Company, sort of a Slinky-like weight that is advertised as "The next best thing to chumming!"  The shrimp/anise seems to work best, which is like a lemon/lime snowcone to a human on a hot summer day.  If you try one, put a hook in the lead in case fish bite it. 

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