Sunday, August 23, 2015

Coho Have Arrived

I'm super angry at Suzette.  In our prenuptial agreement it clearly says "Shall not use Scott's fishing rod or share his secret bait cures . . . ." I went to driftwood to write a poem and caught her coho-handed as you can see.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Mermaid Photo and San Juan Kayak Trip

Being a wild mermaid, Suz was able to call wild orcas close in 
for spectacular leaps.  She took this photo with her phone.

Best mermaid I ever caught
I'm no scientist, but I think the kayak goes faster if the person in front helps row.
Suz and I were married Aug. 1.  We went sea kayaking out of Friday Harbor for the honeymoon.

Something is still wrong with my camera lens, as Suz's salmon on top looks bigger than mine.  I went to the camera shop and the guy said, "Ain't nothing wrong with the lens.  It's yo head." Obviously, he knows nothing about fishing, and less than nothing about photography.

Mike Carey, editor at Northwest Fishing Reports, asked me for an article a month so I can test my humor stories.  He just published my first one "Locals Only," and I also wrote ones for future issues and newsletters on "The Art of Mentoring," "Thinking Outside the Tackle Box," "Combat Fishing," and "Identifying Angler Types for Fun and Profit."